Framingham Solar panel installation experts
Framingham Solar panel installation experts


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Solar panel installation experts to control the increasing energy bills in Framingham

With the increase in electricity rate and power costs, businesses all across Framingham are noticing their profits disappearing. Generating solar power will make immense sense in usually two ways, namely, federal rebates to accelerate the return on investment and savings in the energy bills with the properly designed commercial solar panel system and PV system. If you choose solar panel installation, you will dramatically slash down electricity bill. If you are looking to save on home energy costs and opting for green energy solutions, you may rely on World Solar Panels based on Framingham. Our experts can also design custom solar panels to cater your needs and fit your financial and energy needs. Whether you wish to pay upfront or wish to take loan, World Solar Panels will have you covered in every way. You will get the best PV solar in the entire market from our experts.

Why choose us?

Contact us at World Solar Panels and know how to eliminate the electricity bills and save on the energy costs. Our experts can engineer the commercial PV system in a way that it performs to the peak level and maximizes your return on investment. A well designed solar panel and photo voltaic system will deliver utmost return on investment in the few years’ time. First of all we will carry out a detailed site inspection in order to determine the solar power technology that works best in your location and then accordingly our technician will design and install the solar panel unit. When it comes to the solar energy industry, our experts hold the utmost level of certification.

Solar panel cleaning: an essential part of solar panel maintenance

We are family owned and operated business based on Framingham offering solar panel installation and cleaning services. When it comes to solar panel maintenance, you cannot ignore the cleaning task. Cleaned solar panels will produce more electricity as compared to the dirty ones. Our maintenance team will carry out solar panel cleaning anywhere in Framingham whether it is business, home or commercial complex. Performing visual inspection is the part of overall maintenance and cleaning task. Everything will appear to be in good working condition if you take up visual inspection from us.

Framingham Solar panel installation experts
Framingham Solar panel installation experts

Why take our solar panel cleaning services?

Our typical cleaning service will encompass the following services:

  • A thorough site inspection prior to the cleaning task is performed. Our experts will monitor the site to trace out probable hazardous situation.
  • We cover almost all kinds of electrical equipments like solar panels, inverters, combiner boxes. We will clean beneath area with tarps.
  • We will employ aerial man in order to reach the solar modules that are difficult to reach surfaces but needs cleaning
  • We do not apply abrasive cleaning and chemicals over the solar modules while cleaning the units.
  • We will inspect the surface of the solar module prior to cleaning. All the accumulated dirt and debris will be eliminated from the surface.
  • Our experts will spray down solar modules with water with the use of pressure washing equipment
  • Water will be conditioned through the water softener prior to usage. This will totally minimize the mineral deposit

Solar panel inspection and cleaning is critical to maintaining the performance of solar panel system. We offer simple yet cost effective solar panel cleaning, sure to reap great returns. Our solar panel installers are accredited to MCS and thus it implies they have passed courses required to become solar panel installer. You may check out the licenses and accreditation or certification of our professionals. You are free to search through the database and find that we are accredited by MCS. Our solar panel installers have decades of experience when it comes to the installation, repair and maintenance of the solar panels. You may have a look at the testimonials to find more about our past works. The cost of services, however, varies as per the project we get.

By purchasing solar panels and considering their installation, you will reap the benefits of ownership. If you want, you can also lease the panels and buy electricity they produce for around 15 years. We can take care of even that and cater support and maintenance issues along with that.

We at World Solar Panels can custom design the solar panels to optimize the performance from your roof. You will get connected to a utility grid and generate your own green energy. If you make excess electricity, you will get money for that. You may sell the electricity and earn money. We are premier solar panel installation company for residential, commercial and agricultural systems. Operating around 200 solar systems, we are able to manage around 20MW solar systems. With our level of experience, we deliver quality on a consistent basis. Our experts can build, monitor and maintain the PV systems and that too at cost effective rates.